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Proudly Serving Families 

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Behavior Programs

Our behavior modification program focuses on the family as a whole. Once a family is enrolled in our behavior program a behavior team will be assigned to them. The behavior team will schedule an intake visit with the family. During this visit, the behavior team will complete a family needs survey along with a needs assessment. The survey and assessment will allow the team (family, coordinator, and therapist) to develop a behavior program that will address the needs of the family as a whole. The parent or caregiver is an integral part of this process. We highly encourage participation in this process.

Parent Training

Parent training is the most important aspect of your child’s program. Our parent training program was designed to help parents gain the appropriate knowledge that they need to change their child’s behavior in the home. This program allows parents to take back control in the parent-child relationship and helps them set healthy boundaries for their child.

Our Early Intervention Services